Frequently Asked Questions

A:If you have more questions that are not displayed here, send and email from Contact page
We will list the question and answer on this FAQ page!
Thank you!

A:The withdrawals are processed weekly
Minimum level required to request a payment is 3.
We will add coinbase from January, and maybe direct payments to your wallet
Old pending withdrawals may get processed from January (this depend on your activity on site)

A: ALY, gALY, pALY - are our internal tokens, used to reward our members for doing different tasks.
Rates :
10,000 ALY/gALY/pALY ~ 1$

More information about each one on balances page

A:Short answer : YES
Even if are just for fun and we dont allow deposit for games, is important to confirm fairness of the game process.
All games on are now provably fair: you can set your own seed, that combined with a random server seed will return the outcome.
The cliend seed and server seed are common for all games and can be regenerate from Fairness tab, on games page.

A:The sites are closed now. You can get your old balances from this sites to site on migrate page

A:You can get your old balances on migrate page

A:They have been removed for the time being; Will be added back from January, and all members will receive the max % to continue claiming!

A:You receive xp points for doing tasks in slwall, faucet, offerswall.
When bonuses will be added back, you will receive extra % depending on your LVL
Also, some sections from sites are available to some levels.

A:On : We cleared the data base, and removed all accounts who never logged in or not logged in this year (2020); so the total number displayed on the Referral page may be smaller

From coindice, bitcoinfaucet and moonhash : When you migrate your accounts , you will receive new referrals on randomly selected as follows :
For the number of referrals active in last 90 days on other 3 sites you will receive same number of referrals on active in last 45 days

A:Premium is not available at this time!