Bitcoin Faucets List Best and tested list of URL Shorteners, updated

URL Shorteners for Faucets:

* PP = PayPal, PM = PerfectMoney, PZ = Payza, SK = Skrill, PY = Payeer, FH =, BTC = Bitcoin Wallet
** Under review = Just started using it, no payment yet received.
Name Counts Average CPM Pays to Min. Payout Conclusion Link
POWCLICK5 Views$1.80 PP, BTC$5 PP, $25 BTC Paying
DWINDLY6 Views$1 PP, BTC$5 PP, $15 BTC Paying
BTCMSUnique$1.17 FH$5 Net7 Paying
CRYPTOSKIPADUnique$1.33 PP$3 PP Paying
BIT-URLUnique$2.43 PP$3 PP Paying
REPAYONEUnique$4.32 PP$5 PP Paying
SHORTZONUnique$3.81 PP$3 PP Paying
VIVADS2 Views$2.61 PP, PY$5 PP, PY Paying
CRABCUT2 Views$2.42 BTC, FH0.001 BTC Paying
CUTADLINK2 Views$2.09 BTC, PY$5 BTC, PY Paying
TOKENFLY4 Views$3.03 BTC, FH$10 BTC, $2 FH Paying
KETAPANG5 Views$1.06 FH$0.25 FH Paying
DUTCHYSHORT3 Views$1.20 PP, BTC, FH$5 PP, $10 BTC, $0.25 FH Paying
SHORTURLUnique$2.20 BTC, FH$15 BTC, $2 FH Paying
VOXCUnique$3.81 PP, PY$5 PP, $10 PY Paying
CUT-URLSUnique$3.17 PP, BTC$5 PP, $2 BTC Paying
TMLINKUnique$3.21 PP, BTC$5 Paying
ARAB-DOLLARUnique$4.50 PP$5 PP Paying with delays
LINKORLINKUnique$4.00 PP, BTC$1 PP, $15 BTC Paying with delays
R7Unique$2.47 PP, BTC$5 Under review
CUTELINK3 Views$2.70 PP, BTC$1 Under review