Bitcoin Faucets List Best and tested list of URL Shorteners, updated

URL Shorteners for Faucets:

* PP = PayPal, PM = PerfectMoney, PZ = Payza, SK = Skrill, PY = Payeer, FH =, BTC = Bitcoin Wallet
** Under review = Just started using it, no payment yet received.
Name Counts Average CPM Pays to Min. Payout Conclusion Link
CUTEARN ᴺᴱᵂUnique$6.91 PP, BTC, Other ALTs$1 PP, $15 BTC, ETH, LTC, etc Paying
BIGEARN ᴺᴱᵂUnique$6.85 PP, BTC, Other ALTs$1 PP, $15 BTC, ETH, LTC, etc Paying
ADSURL ᴺᴱᵂUnique$3.37 PP, SK, BTC$1 PP, 5$ SK, $50 BTC Paying
SHORT2WIN ᴺᴱᵂUnique$4.62 PP, PZ, SK, BTC$5 PP, PZ, SK, $50 BTC Paying
ONLINEBEEAll Views$1.20 PP, FH, BTC$5 PP,BTC, $0.50 FH Paying
OURLUnique$2.22 PP, PZ, SK, BTC$5 PP, PZ, SK, $20 BTC Paying
CRYPTOSKIPADUnique$2.09 PP$3 PP Paying
MAN2LINKUnique$4.97 PP, BTC, PM, PY, DOGE$1 PP,PM, PY, DOGE, $20 BTC Paying
BITCOADZUnique$2.20 PP, FH$5 PP, $1 FH Paying
KANQITEUnique$1.94 PP$5 PP Paying
UCLICK                                     All Views$1.00 PP$2 PP Paying
LINKREXUnique$4.46 PP, BTC$5 PP, $15 BTC Paying
POWCLICKAll Views$1.25 PP, PZ$1 PP,PZ Paying
BTCMSUnique$1.17 FH$5 Net7 Paying
VIVADSUnique$2.25 PP, PZ$4 Paying
ADBILITYUnique$3.05 PP, PZ, PY, BTC$1 Paying
CUT-EARNUnique$2.85 PP, BTC$3 Paying
L2SUnique$2.43 PP, PZ, SK$5 Paying
U2SUnique$1.80 PP, PZ, SK$5 Paying
KUTURLUnique$3.41 PP$5 Paying
BITURLUnique$2.94 PP, PZ, BTC$3 Paying
KOKEMOONUnique$4.30 PP, BTC, DOGE$1 PP, DOGE, $20 BTC Paying
ADSVYUnique$1.12 PP$5 Paying
COINMGAll Views$0.55 PM, PY, FH$3 Paying
PESHORTUnique$2.20 PP, PZ$1 PP,PZ Paying
Not accepting Faucets
OTURLUnique$4.30 PP, SK, BTC$1 PP, $10 SK, $5 BTC Paying
Admin has no idea what he's doing
ELIWINUnique$0.90 PP, FH$5 PP, $1 FH Selective Payments
CUTWINUnique$3.18 PP, PZ, BTC$10 Paying after 2 weeks.
Doesn't count all valid visits.
CUT-URLSUnique$2.86 PP, PZ, PY, BTC$5 Paying
Doesn't count all valid visits.
COINBINKUnique$2.50 PP, PZ, FH, BTC$5 PP,PZ, $10 BTC, $0.01 FH SCAM
CUTBITUnique$2.75 PP, PZ, BTC, FH$5 PP,PZ, $10 BTC, $0.50 FH SCAM
MIN-URLSUnique$3.34 PP$1 Paid a couple of times, then blocked my account.
URLEUnique$1.59 PP, PZ$3 Payments pending for more than 1 month.
AB-SHORTUnique$4.78 PP$0.10 PP Cancels Payment.
SKIPAD.BIDUnique$3.22 PP, PZ$5 PP, PZ Not Paying
IGRAM.IMAll Views$1.11 PP$5 PP SCAM
PSL.IOAll Views$1.11 PP, SK, FH$5 FH / $10 PP Payments pending, admin unreachable.
CUTIT.IOUnique$3.51 PP, FH$5 FH, $10 PP Payments pending, admin unreachable.
GET.ALUnique$1.61 PP$5 Payment canceled, no reason given.
TMEARN.comUnique$0 0$0 SCAM: Closes account on withdrawl